BAGE is a progressive, virtual CPA firm that is continuously building a firm of high quality, principled centered, effective professionals in various areas. We are always looking for Bright, Positive, Tech Savvy Diamonds to add to our Cluster. As a cloud based accounting firm offering many services to small and medium sized businesses, you will find a career suitable to your personality, vision and passion.

Our Values – SHARE

  • Service driven
  • Honor and loyalty
  • Accountability
  • Respect for all stakeholders
  • Excellence in delivery and relationships


Diversity is a “buzz word” that is overused and as such, lacks true meaning to potential applicants. So let’s put it plainly! We like variety and we believe various people,from various cultural backgrounds, of various ethnicity, can come together and paint a beautiful mosaic of client services in the professional services industry.


Our current team members often  work in various remote locations across Canada at their leisure and experience a high level of productivity. Our Flex time and portability of your work space allows parents to attend the kids’ sports event or Christmas concert.  Some positions require you to work from our office on a regular basis (not daily), or meet clients at there location. However, most times you will be able to work from anywhere. So if you enjoy working independently, love technology, have a passion to serve others and an aptitude for excellence, we would love to hear from you.


We look for candidates that are driven by passion, are fueled by the success they bring through their hands and minds, and have a desire to empower our clients by improving their business. These are the rewards they seek.

However, we all need to earn a living. At BAGE we will take care of you. Our compensation is very competitive and as diverse as our team. We have found that lifestyle balance and autonomy are more important to our team than a salary level. Therefore we build our compensation for each individual based on the needs and desires of that individual. We have stay at home mom’s that are paid based on the files they complete, providing opportunity to accept work as their priorities allow. We also have full time, salaried staff who also design their own work schedules. Whatever your needs, we try and accommodate.

Here are a few of the positions we offer.

Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA)

CPA’s are a breed of their own with many different facets. We come in all flavors and tastes and that is what makes a diverse team a great team. At BAGE, we love diversity and are building a world class team of committed individuals that “SHARE” common values. If you are a designated CPA, or in the final stages of the CPA program of professional studies, you may find your home with us. We offer a varied selection of work in the SME sector. Whether it is year end compilations, corporate tax return and planning, technology consulting or  other business consulting, we have opportunities to grow. Most of our team are virtual so you may be able to work from anywhere!

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Client Success Officers (CSO)

client success officer at BAGE is like the glue that holds everything together. As a CSO, you will have four key areas of  responsibility: Sales and Marketing of BAGE Services, Client On-boarding and training, Client Retention and Service level Excellence, and Project Oversight of each of your clients work. You will keep the ball rolling on client projects and make sure our clients are treated with First Class Service. You will possess our “SHARE” values, love people and processes, learn things quickly, and take ownership of your client delivery. We rely on you to keep our clients informed, engaged and “raving fans” of our firm!

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Virtual Bookkeepers (VB)

You like variety, have a keen eye for detail, know your way around new software and most importantly, are able to do full service bookkeeping. Our VB enjoy freedom over their schedules as they organize their workload according to their priorities. Bookkeeping is a systematic process that requires continuous improvement. Most of the work our bookkeepers do is analytical and senior level work since we use technology to automate data entry. We look for VB’s that are responsive, a team player, owns the delivery schedule and can have fun with the best of us. We work hard, but we play hard!

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Implementation Consultants(IC)

Our implementation consultants have a background in either technology or accounting, and have a desire to learn new things. As project leads on implementation of new integrated software solutions, they are task and deadline driven, strong communication skills, and process oriented. Their confident smile and warmth bring peace to our new clients as they transition from the old to the new and improved. Change is hard and so our implementation consultants must have understanding and patience when dealing with our clients. Three words we use to describe our IC are Fast, Brilliant and Caring. If that’s you, see if our values align with yours!

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Support and Administration (SA)

Our support and admin team hold us up each and every day. As a pleasant and patient person, with a super organized work life, you will make sure nothing slips through the cracks. Organizing calendars, following up on phone calls, distributing support tickets, you will do it all. We look forward to hearing from you.

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