Professional Accounting for Professionals

We understand that hardworking professionals need an accountant who can keep up.


In Nova Scotia, doctors have a deep sense of responsibility to help as many patients as possible as there are not enough doctors to meet the demands of today’s society. As such, doctors face the daunting task of work-life balance. We understand the need of doctors to work smarter, not harder. Efficiency and effectiveness is key to successfully balance the career of a doctor.

BAGE understands this need and works diligently to design the most effective and efficient accounting system to serve the needs of doctors. Billings need to be processed, reports need to be managed, invoices need to be paid, and, oh yes, taxes. On top of all that, you probably have a Professional Corporation that has financial management needs.

BAGE has experience working with doctors like yourself to provide the support required, which allows you to focus on what you spent your life training for… being a doctor. Trust us to handle all your bookkeeping, accounting, and compliance needs.

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Law firms

As a lawyer, you are familiar with the detailed knowledge it takes to be good at what you do. You also realize the various types of law, and the particular skills necessary for each type of law. Accountants are no different. In addition to spending years gaining knowledge, there are also different type of accountants and accounting firms. Lawyers, and law firms, have unique needs that separate them from typical businesses. Therefore, they have unique needs when it comes to accounting services.

BAGE works with law firms, similar to yours, to provide a boutique offering. Whether it is setting up trust accounting, monthly bookkeeping and accounting, partnership returns, or customized performance metrics to measure and improve conversions around billable hours versus non-billable, we are there to give you what you need. As a trusted advisor to business clients, lawyers are also a primary source of referrals to our firm. Our experienced team understands the unique needs of lawyers and we design customized programs to meet each of those needs.

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Dentists and other medical professionals

Running a professional practice today has many exciting experiences. Information Technology has advanced your abilities, making your practice more effective and efficient. We are as excited as you with all the advances in technology… so much so that we have invested our time, money and training in providing cutting edge solutions to our professional partners.

BAGE can assist you with the financial and tax compliance requirements of your practice, such as bookkeeping, accounting, and tax. We can also work with you to improve your profitability of your practice and perhaps do some tax planning using a Professional Corporation. Regardless of your situation, BAGE can help. We have experience helping various professionals improve profitability, minimize tax, and save money.

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