Gerard Jones

Small Business Strategist

Gerard is very well versed in understanding the intricacies and challenges that small and medium sized businesses face in the 21 century. Gerard has leveraged his experience improving processes and driving efficiency in large organizations and now supports smaller organizations to achieve the same efficiency and cost savings. This is achieved by using best in breed cloud based technology solutions and integrating the client software and processes with the software of the accounting firm. By doing so, the accounting firm becomes a real time extension of the small business and somewhat of a “shared service” center, designed to drive efficiency, accuracy, timeliness and results at a fraction of in house costs.

Gerard’s passion to see small business thrive in the 21 century fuels his determination and “can do” attitude. He balances knowledge gained through practical experience with common sense learned through professional life, to design an affordable solution to ANY business.

If you are a business looking to improve efficiency in your back office, achieve cost savings, embrace technological advances and want to benefit from a new “paradigm”, please reach out to Gerard, or Bage CPA by email, phone, or social media.

Gerard guarantees a cost savings for all new clients. Typical savings will average 25%.

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