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So you own your own business…

Owner managed businesses can be the most exciting, and most draining way to make a living. They provide both the euphoria, and the deflation experience as entrepreneurs. But it does not have to be that way. Most of the negative experience with owning and managing a business comes with the pressures over managing cash flow. CASH IS KING, is a motto all businesses understand.

Using efficiency and effectiveness, BAGE works with all types and sizes of businesses. We focus on “right sizing” the solutions for each particular need, and therefore our services are affordable to all. Many times, we are asked how we can provide executive level advice to small businesses. The answer is simple. We are passionate about the owner managed business person and we design solutions that allow us to match the service they need with the right professional. Some businesses use us exclusively for all their bookkeeping, accounting and CFO needs for an affordable monthly fee, while others engage us for a specific need.

Whether you are looking for a less expensive, more efficient and effective alternative to traditional support services, or you are requiring a specific service, we deliver the “right level” of service for the particular need. Our quotes are guaranteed… no surprises.

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