Brant Barnett, owner, and president of Barnett Builders, is a forward thinker and looks for opportunities to cut costs and value to his clients. He realized a cloud-based accounting solution would streamline his operations, reduce costs, speed up cash flow and allow access to his business anytime from anywhere.

Initially, he considered hiring someone in-house to do his accounting and guide him on the path of efficiency and effectiveness. After looking unsuccessfully for the right person to fill that role, he began looking at accounting firms. Through word-of-mouth, he learned about BAGE CPA.

“BAGE created a complete system that was user friendly and they trained our employees in using the system. Cloud-based accounting was important to me so I could have information at my fingertips. It’s also cut about two months out of my invoicing. I get paid two months quicker than before and I’m able to invoice two months quicker than I would have before.”

In the period since implementing the new system with BAGE, Barnett Builders has grown revenues Year Over Year by almost 300%. Typically an implementation of such a system can save anywhere from 25% to 75% of the costs of a traditional system. Barnett Builders was no different. The time savings have also been massive.

“It’s saved me, personally, probably a week a month,” Brant says. “It’s been huge. Where I would have fumbled through invoicing before, doing scanning and going through hundreds of invoices a month to get my invoice ready, now it’s almost instantly generated when I request it.”

Brant Barnett

Barnett Builders

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